Q1. Who do I call for illegal street parking or blocking of sidewalk?
Answer:  Please call the Ocoee Police Department non-emergency number 407-905-3160.

Q2. Who do I contact if my neighbor is not picking up after his/her pet or complying with Leash Law?
Answer:  Animal Control is regulated through Orange County Animal Services. You may contact them at 407-836-3111 with complaints or questions.

Q3.  Can I hold a garage sale?
Answer:  Yes, you can hold a garage sale once every four (4) months.  A garage sale permit is required  per City Ordinance Chapter 82. Applications are available at the Water / Utility counter at Ocoee City Hall located at: 150 N. Lakeshore Drive Ocoee, FL 34761.

Q4. Do I need a building permit or approval to replace or repair my fence?
Answer:  Yes, you not only need a building permit from the City of Ocoee Building Department,  you must also obtain approval from the Silver Bend HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) by submitting an ACC Application to the management company PRIOR to installing a new fence.  The application will then be reviewed by the ACC  Committee and someone from the committee will call you to inform you of their decision.

Q5.  How do I find out how much I owe the Silver Bend HOA?
Answer:  If you feel you have a balance due to the Association or if you receive a Small Balance Letter, please contact Gary House, Premier Community Managers at 407-696-5700 or via email to Gary@premiercommunitymgrs.com.  Gary will respond and provide you with updated information on your account.

Q6.  Can late fees be waived if I am late with my assessment payment?
Answer:  Unfortunately late fees cannot be waived.  If the Board of Directors were to waive any owners late fees, it could compromise the Board’s authority to collect late fees from any other owner.

Q7.  Who do I call  to report any of the following:

  • Building without a permit
  • Illegal signs
  • Junk vehicles
  • Overgrown grass and weeds
  • Trash and debris

Answer:  Call the City of Ocoee Code Enforcement Department at 407-905-3106.; you can remain anonymous.

Q8.  We have a street light out on our street,  who do we call for repair?
Answer:  Call Duke Energy at 407-629-1010 or request a light repair online.

Q9.  Is there a limit to how many household pets I can have?
Answer:  Yes, each household may keep no more than two (2) household pets.  No animals, livestock or poultry of  any kind may be raised, bred or kept on any house/lot. No exceptions!